Consul General Facilitates Legal Assistance For Nigerians In South Africa

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Nigeria’s Consul General in South Africa, Amb. Uche Ajulu-Okeke, said on Sunday that the mission had liaised with Nigerian lawyers practising in South Africa to handle cases of their compatriots in that country.


Okeke told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Johannesburg, South Africa, that the Consular General’s office in South Africa established the link with the lawyers to intercede for Nigerians with legal cases.


‘’ I have engaged an association called Practising Nigerian lawyers in South Africa.


“ I am waiting for the Nigerian Union in South Africa to give me a report on our visit to the prison in Johannesburg.


‘’ The lawyers will look at the report and see if they can intercede for some Nigerians there, then the consulate will engage them for their services,’’ she said.


According to Okeke, the lawyers have agreed to handle cases for Nigerians in South Africa.


She said that lawyers were handling the case of a South African tent making company based in Durban which duped a Nigerian businessman of $15,000.


‘’ The tent maker in Durban was paid $15,000 by a Nigerian businessman to collect the goods.


‘’ The tent maker gave fake bill of laden, fake shipping permit and fake warehouse loading and the case is now in a court in Durban.


‘’ The Nigerian lawyers in South Africa are looking into the case.


“ The Nigerian businessman was not being given proper attention, but the lawyers are on top of the case now,’’ she said.


Okeke also said the lawyers were handling a case of a Nigerian whose property was sold in a suspicious manner by a bank.


‘’ There is a matter involving a bank.


“ A Nigerian travelled to Nigeria to attend his father’s burial and before he came back, the bank had sold his property under suspicious circumstances.


‘’ The lawyers are handling the matter on behalf of the Nigerian,’’ she said.


Okeke said the lawyers had been very helpful to Nigerians in need of legal assistance in South Africa.


She, however, said that some Nigerians in South Africa do not know the laws of that country, forcing them to do the wrong thing. (NAN)

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