NUSA President’s Speech Presented to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari on his first official visit to South Africa:

President to President

Your Excellency,

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander in chief of Armed Forces
President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR,
Excellencies, Executive Governors present

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Director General of NIA,

Our Hard working Consul General Amb Uche Ajulu Okeke

The acting High Commissioner
All Protocols observed
Great Nigerians

Nigeria Union South Africa heartily congratulates Your Excellency for a well-deserved victory at the 2015 General Elections.
Mr President, you were steadfast and resolute in selflessly and tirelessly pursuing a well deserved leadership of the Nigerian state. Nigerians in South Africa are aware of your excellent intention for the country.
Your victory is a victory of the people, for the people and by the people, especially the poor, children and women. It is victory over abject poverty, hunger, malnutrition, economic stagnation and insecurity among others. You are the hope of not only Nigeria and Nigerians, but Africa and black people on the face of this earth.
Your Excellency, the Nigerian community in South Africa takes cognizance of your sterling purposeful direction and productive engagement in uplifting education, health and road construction when you were at the helm of affairs of Petroleum Trust Fund (P.T.F.). Your trusted hands delivered. PTF was felt in every state, every local government area, every home and every school. Its medical ambulances brought hope and life to sick Nigerians.

As a former Head of State of Nigeria, Your Excellency stooped low to serve your country at that lower level of the said trust fund. You gave your all – spirit, body and soul. We are asking for more. The hydra-headed problems of Nigeria and the African continent are many.

Firstly, is the very difficult matter of corruption in Nigeria requiring urgent and drastic solution. This seemingly insurmountable, infinite corruption virus has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigerian society. It has this tsunamic driving force which leads to limitless and unforgivable looting by Nigerians.

Mindless carting away of our national resources need to be halted immediately. Let Nigeria develop, let Nigeria grow socially, environmentally and economically for the benefit of all.

Your Excellency’s incorruptible and firm stance against corruption is well known by all.
We know that you will lead by example. Your Excellency, it is also very important that the civil society organisations are strengthened to complement the efforts of government agencies tasked with the duty of fighting corruption.
Equally, fellow Nigerians, it is incumbent on us all to rise up with one voice to support the government in the fight against corruption. We must collectively engage our human and material resources to silence whoever and whatever encumbrances that stand against this noble war. Nigeria must be zero tolerant on corruption. Fellow Nigerians, we must realise that corruption is a colossal opposition to development.
In the past, Your Excellency has given unparalleled attention to the provision of a decent and acceptable standard of living for all Nigerians. It will not be different now. Primary and Secondary schools, colleges of education, colleges of Science and Technology, polytechnics and universities are waiting for your attention. Equally waiting are bad roads, the railway system, air transport system, epileptic electricity supply, indisciplined society, inter alia. This calls for massive capital and current expenditure which needs to be adequately funded.
Consequently, apart from oil revenue, other viable sources of revenue should be fully exploited. We believe that the tax collection system in Nigeria needs to be urgently restructured.Nigeria Union South Africa is of the opinion that an autonomous statutory body be established to effectively access and collect company tax, income tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and other taxes. It is a known fact that some Nigerian businesses, other juristic persons and individual Nigerians do not pay tax. Billions of Naira in taxes are not collected by government. It is pertinent to note here that our host country depends on taxes for massive development that it has achieved. Why not Nigeria?
Also, long-term revenue generating activities should be put in place. Our petroleum refineries should be made functional. It is colossal waste of foreign reserve and currency to keep importing petrol and other petroleum products from foreign countries.
The Union is also optimistic that Nigeria can earn revenue and create jobs through agriculture.
Nigeria is endowed with suitable land and climate for all year round commercial farming. The host country has a lot of commercial farmers who are ready to invest in Nigeria.
Equally important is the urgent need to create enabling economic infrastructure to effectively attract both domestic and foreign investors.
Insecurity is a major concern to Nigerians and the world in general. Insecurity of lives and property is a major obstacle to economic development and social cohesion. Nigerian Union South Africa (NUSA) is confident that with Your Excellency as the President and commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigerians will soon enjoy the peace that we are used to.
it is also necessary for government to effectively strengthen all democratic institutions in our country, especially the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) must always be seen to be truly independent in order to ensure free and fair elections.
The Union also request that such institutions should be allowed to conduct elections which reflects the will of the people .
We also suggest that all arbitrations emanating from elections should be concluded before an elected official assumes office.
Also Nigerians abroad really want to participate in the electoral process so we appeal to ur excellency to use your good office to engage the National Assembly to reconsider the issue of diaspora voting.

Finally, your Excellency, we know that the journey will not be easy, but with support from all Nigerians, we believe that your administration will put smiles on the faces of the people, and we assure you of the support and cooperation of all Nigerians in South Africa,
Not to be forgotten is the recent unfortunate incident of xenophobic attack on foreign nationals in South Africa. We are happy to inform you that the South African government eventually stopped the attacks. Nigeria Union South Africa humbly appeal to the federal govt to facilitate the payment of compensation to Nigerians that were affected by the xenophobic attack
Your Excellency, thank you, and once more congratulations.
Long live the Federal republic of Nigeria
Great Nigerians
Long live Nigeria Union South Africa
President, Nigeria union South Africa representing Nigeria community resident in South Africa

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